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Welcome to the AWinstall Online Help center! Here you can find all needed information, tips and examples related to AWinstall.

AWinstall General Information

AWinstall is an installation development tool for creating lightweight professional installer packages.

AWinstall consists of two main components: installer engine (a small executable used as a setup launcher) and fully-functional Setup Builder (document-oriented application for creating installer projects and building redistributable packages).

AWinstall engine features:


AWinstall interface example

Modern and attractive user interface (with Vista-like icons and bitmaps);
Customizable graphics (support for custom installer logo bitmap and icon);
Support for single-file packaging you'll get just one executable;
Support for CD distribution "Copy Files" option for large CD setups;
Multi-language interface (with ability to add new languages);
Good compression method: often better than popular ZIP;
No need for external tools such as Regedit, Regsvr32 and so on;
Built-in support for user interaction elements (license screens, required and optional setup tasks);
Ability to create 'silent' setups without user interaction;
Support for automatic product uninstall;
Built-in and editable installer variables with 'special folders' auto-detection;
Extracting files with full paths (with sub-folders auto-creating).


AWinstall IDE features:


AWinstall IDE (Setup Builder)

Intuitive user interface provides detailed project information in the form of Project Tree and Property Pane;
Drag-and-drop support just drag needed files/folders into Project window from Explorer;
Smart file types detection when adding font files, COM Inproc Servers and Type Libraries;
Import registry keys from .reg files and existing system registry;
Command-line support for performing automated 'night builds';
Windows XP-compatible interface.

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